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I made thousands of dollars for my family over the years selling through Facebook Marketplace. At first, I sold the things around the house we no longer needed, but eventually we sold the majority of our possessions to embark upon a new life adventure. I learned a thing or two in the process that helped me sell more and maximize my efforts.

Whether you're looking to reduce your clutter or do a major downsizing AND you want to add some cash to your wallet in the process, my 10 top tips will help you make the most of your time selling through Facebook Marketplace.

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    Hi! I'm Amanda.

    After my mom passed away, I came to many realizations for myself and my family.

    One of those realizations was that our relationship to our possessions was adversely affecting our family dynamic and quality of life.

    Our daily life was managing stuff that we didn’t even have the time to use. With all this stuff that we were stressed out dealing with, the most precious years of our kids’ lives were passing by.

    We weren’t having the family experiences and togetherness that we envisioned for ourselves.

    So, we let go of most of our possessions and set off on a journey to see what would become of our lives if our things didn’t rule us and we had the freedom to explore together.

    Saying good bye to many of the things we believed we needed was not necessarily easy for us, but we definitely grew through letting go.

    In a very short amount of time after taking off with only what would fit in our van, we experienced the lightness that comes with possessing fewer things.

    It’s truly a liberating process to go through.

    While there’s benefits to letting go of the stuff, we made some good money in the process that helped us with the next phase of our lives.

    If you want to be less weighed down by your things so you can pursue other life dreams and visions, we want to help you by sharing what we did.

    The Richardson-Meyers