How What We Focus On Affects Our Hope (And Why That’s Important)

If we allow the headlines to pull us in, they will. There’s always something that wants our attention. As a mom with an infant during the race to the 2016 US election, I was sucked in. It must have been the sleep deprivation plus the real worry about the world my children would be living […]

Joy & Laundry: An Odd Experience

If you would have told me that ever associating the feeling of love and joy with laundry would have been a possibility for me, I would have likely laughed in your face. Laundry was drudgery to me. It wasn’t so much sticking clothes in the washer or transferring to the dryer. It was the folding […]

Life Isn’t All Rainbows and Butterflies Here In Paradise

Giving off the impression that life is all happiness all the time is easy to do through the self-selected Instagram grid.  It’s somewhat easy to be vulnerable and share about things that you’ve already worked through and overcome. I used to be this way, but I’ve overcome it. Now it’s like this. Life is so […]

We sold most of our possessions. Here’s why.

“I want our family to sell or get rid of the most our possessions, including our house.”  This was part of the plan I shared with my husband, John, when I was trying to get him to agree to begin traveling and living abroad. To him, this was an extreme thing to do on top […]

8 Things We’ve Learned From 2 Months On The Road

Honda Odyssey in Wyoming

As John, the kids, and I embarked upon this first chapter of our journey across the US in our minivan, there were definitely butterflies. So many unknowns about how this would all play out created a level of uncertainty. “Was this the right choice?”  “Would we have what we need?”“Can we actually do this?” Right […]

The Beauty of Impermanence

Cape Cod Sunset

The beginning of our time living in Costa Rica begins very soon. It is quite exciting, and I’m sure it will be a life-altering experience. Living in a culture and situation that is different from that of which we are accustomed to very often has the effect of changing our perspective on how we live […]

11 Items We Found Especially Helpful For Long-Term Camping & Road Tripping

Roadtrip Essentials

Road tripping across the United States with only what we could fit our van meant striking a balance between what was especially useful to accomplish our goals and trusting there would be certain things we could pick up along the way or simply do without. We both camped and stayed in hotels and Airbnbs. Tent […]

Love Is Watching Someone Die

Just about a year ago, I started a long drive from Corvallis, Oregon to Temecula, California. It was a trip with a very unique purpose. I was going to be with my mom while she passed on. It was still pitch black at four in the morning when I started my drive in the car […]