What happens when you take a leap in life to follow that voice inside saying, "Go do that!"?

Our family has let go of what is comfortable to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other, and to see what comes from that.

See what happens as we navigate this undefined and uncertain path.

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Hi! I'm Amanda.

This journey was activated after the quick and unexpected passing of my mom. 

I experienced an awakening of sorts that began leading me down a path that illuminated quite clearly that I wasn’t living a life in alignment with my true self. I was playing it small and was fearful to fully go after the dreams and ideas that excited me and lit me up.

Over the years, I had developed a collection of self-limiting beliefs that kept getting in my way of pursuing a life that I knew I wanted but felt scary because it was different than what society defined as acceptable.

Long story short, the shift set the ball in motion, and within 10 months, my husband, two kids, and I departed.

We sold our house and most of our possessions, completed a cross-US roadtrip, and we are now living in Costa Rica. 

The intention of this journey has been to let go of old patterns and dynamics, so we can more fully connect with ourselves, each other, and with nature. 

The journey continues, and we are just getting started.

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The awakening process that I’ve been through and am still going through has revealed many truths. One of which is that this experience was not only for my benefit. It is my purpose to share it with others to help be a light to help facilitate awakenings and transformations in those that know there is something more for them than the current life they are living. They have a voice inside that has dreams and ideas nudging them to go after something different, but they can’t seem to make it happen.  

I’m here to help you begin listening to that voice and turning that dream into a plan.

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